About Me

Growing up in sunny Southern California with a rope in hand and cattle in the yard; I lived a life that once shone on the silver screen. A family with generations of hard working cowboys instilled in me a fierce passion for the western way of life.

With a Division 1 athletic scholarship beckoning I ventured to the heart of the Midwest.  My senior year while helping to host the Equestrian Big 12 Championship, I looked to the stands, packed with teammates and family members, but very few fans. The view that day set a fire in my heart, to find out how to help rural sports relate to the ‘average american’ just as our traditional athletic counterparts do.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Communications & Journalism my road led me back to the back Golden West landing at the heart of innovation in the San Francisco Bay. With 7 years marketing experience I have had the privilege to work on variety of projects for everyone from small businesses to Stanford University. But the job nearest to my heart was being a of the promotional team for the 75th Anniversary at the iconic Cow Palace. There I had the chance to bring “Kids at the Palace” to life. Hard work, planning and ingenuity helped me to double the attendance to 500 urban students, bringing the magic of the western way of life to students, parents and teachers alike.

Fueled by my day job the answer to my long agonized question slowly materialized as I found my way into the role of rodeo queen. Over the past 5 years I have had the honor to reside among rodeo’s royalty. Volunteering my time traveling 10,000 miles a year on the rodeo road. The job of a rodeo queen encompasses a variety of tasks; from controlling catapulting steeds with flags flying to in depth tv interviews with ABC News.

While living in San Francisco, working with the Cow Palace and preparing to compete for Miss Rodeo USA my eyes found the answer I was looking for in college. The key to advancing the future of rural sports is by infusing technology with our western heritage.

So here's to being on the rodeo again! 



For promotional work, help with the rodeo industry, or anything connect with me! I'd love to be a part of your journey.


Meet the Team

I would not be able to accomplish half of the amazing things I do if it were not for the furry and fabulous support system I have!


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