I honestly am not even going to pretend that I can blog daily, I don’t think it matters weather I am working or not. It seems like there are always a billion things to do! So here’s my not so daily, daily update.

We took Mouse to the vet, luckily he said it was a spavin or something of that nature. This means that after two weeks if she is sound or almost sound she is going to be fine! So she is on Prevacox and very light work until then. Of course that has not even happened yet, so far she has just hung out, but tomorrow I have nothing planned so I hope to get her out.

In the mean time I have been trying to get to know Daddy’s new pony Roo. The biggest thing I have to say is wow, she is an amazingly talented and awesome horse. But she is NOT for me. Just like I texted L, “this is why I rode hunters,” because I prefer horses with a motor you have to work for. Ms Roo however is not that horse.  She is sweet, and doesn’t do anything wrong, but she is not the “add more leg” type. Adding more leg results in your horse adding more energy, ALOT of it.

I took her on a trail ride with two of my best and oldest friends, and Roo was not impressed with the pace that her western pleasure counterparts kept. We antsed and pawed and even loped off into a circle once. But finally by the time we got home she decided to just deal.

Old friends and new”ish” ponies. The one in the middle is my old
hunter Bubba which was also Kiersti’s wedding present. 

Today, I hauled her to my trainer’s for a lesson. The outcome was significantly more desirable. Though I am pretty sure my trainer (a 76 year old cowboy) yelled “dammit quit looking at the ground,” more in one lesson then ever in my life. I managed to survive and even get flying lead changes/turns out of her. Once you figure out how to balance and ride through your seat, with zero leg pressure, you’re golden.

My mom decided (aka was coerced) to ride with us. She participated in her favorite gaits, walk and stop. Though mom was a multiple world champion in the day, now she is content to just cruise. Of course good old Sugar Ray is more than happy to oblige. Being the golden child of our training barn, it was fun to see everyone’s reactions.

Though I always considered myself one whose favorite “gaits” were more of the jumping, sliding and spectacular variety. I now realize that I may be closer to mom’s favorites than I thought! It looks like rodeo queening is the best in the middle “gait” I have found so far.

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