Every rider has heard it, that loud, often slightly grumpy call across the ring. Weather you are jumping a fence and someone is on your track, or you are trying to ride the rail some trainer has stopped to chat on the phone.

I came across a post today by Noble Equine (btw a very close second in my world of horseie wear to Ariat) about warm up ring etiquette. While it offered some nice points, it reminded me of the trials and tribulations of ring etiquette anywhere. Not just at shows.

Much of my life I have been that girl, the one with a private barn and exclusive trainer. Before you get judgey (don’t worry I would to) let me explain. From the time I was 11 years old on I have almost exclusively worked with the same couple. Though my trainers had a handful of clients, I was their sole “circuit” client. The most amazing part of this is that I have not just a pair of trainers, but a sourgate family. The down side to this is up until college I was not particularly used to “sharing” a barn.

When I moved to the Red Barn after college I entered a whole new ball game, a training center. A massive machine of horsie amaziness that operates hundreds of horses and thousands of riders a year!

While I love my new barn home. It certainly has been a learning curve. With Nemo back with his mother I am currently on the waiting list (who knew barns had such a thing!) to get my own pony into the Red Barn. In the mean time I guess I am back to begging & borrowing saddle time from others.

Love ya,

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