I’m supposed to be designing (again) instead I’m blogging (again)… sorry I’m not sorry… So since L is constantly harassing me to blog more and it is her first blog hop, yes I know it’s late.. It was in draft for two days oppss..

7 great things/ strengths in your riding life
  1. Passion (sometimes obsession) 
  2. Adaptability
  3. Persistance
  4. Talent 
  5. Success (I’ve won quite a bit and not done yet) 
  6. The support of my family. 
  7. Great horsepower in particular the two best horses ever
7 things you lack or covet for you or your horse
  1. Time.. always not enough time
  2. Winning a saddle and trailer, only thing I’ve never won (yet another reason I’m queening)
  3. A consistent spot in a good barn in the bay (boarding/training here is a bit like a game of chess) 
  4. A dependable, nice truck of my own
  5. Having my own hunter, I miss jumping/being a hunter princess, despite how much I love queening. 
  6. Jeans that are long enough to ride in, it seems silly but all of my jeans end up awkwardly too short when mounted. 
  7. A stronger leg, I don’t “lack” a good leg, but I always like making it better. 
7 things that make you angry
  1. People who look down on other disciplines.. (news flash I am a hunter champion AND western world champion) 
  2. Know it all people in general… But also specially trainers who come into the tack shop and try to tell me how to fit helmets or boots, and they’re usually wrong. 
  3. Things disappearing from my tack trunk.. I know the easy fix is to lock it, but I half the time forget to lock my car… 
  4. My boss giving me crap for using my own PTO to ride/show etc. 
  5. People that put me in danger, i.e. riding up behind my horse too closely during the middle of a parade. 
  6. Riders who buy their way into ribbons/titles/success. 
  7. Non horse people asking if they can ride my horse….. no just NO
7 things you neglect to do or cut corners on
  1. Blogging… poor unloved blog 
  2. Laundry (I may or may not sometimes re wear barn jeans if I know no one will see me) 
  3. Picking feet, horrible for my horses, luckily they all have good feet 
  4. Braiding Mouse’s mane every week, I usually forget, leave it down and it ends up as a big mess. 
  5. Fencing (practicing sliding stops) I don’t as often as I should.. Which is probably why we are only average at stopping. 
  6. Sweeping.. I hate sweeping barn aisles. 
7 most expensive things you own for your horse/ riding (I am assuming my horse doesn’t count) 
  1. Buckles (seriously go add up the entries and training it took to win them) Worth: a bajillion dollars 
  2. Phil Harris western show saddle  Worth: New around $9,000 Today around $5,500 (You died? Yep I did too when we bought it) 
  3.  Broken Horn reining saddle Worth:$1500 no clue it’s new price as it was hand made for mom in the 80’s
  4. Sellier V hunt seat saddle Worth: $1800 it’s only 6 months old so there really hasn’t been a drop yet. 
  5. Custom Western Hats Worth $500 each x2
  6. GPA Speed Air Worth $599
  7. Other Assorted Custom Tack (Worth: I have no clue, the gist is I have a serious pony shopping problem) 
7 guilty pleasures or favorite items
  1. Not having to pick a discipline, riding both hunt seat and western. 
  2. Having pretty horses, I will never pick a horse on looks, but it doesn’t hurt my barn is full of good looking ones 
  3. Being able to support myself/my riding, but being fortunate enough to have family, friends and sponsors who assist. 
  4. Ariat boots, jeans, shirts, everything Ariat! 
  5. Corgis.. Because what’s ponies without corgis! 
  6. Cattle events (I don’t get to work cattle much anymore but I miss it) 
  7. The fact that rodeo queening is essentially a beauty pageant (who doesn’t like getting told they and their horse are pretty)
7 things you love about horses and riding
  1. Being able to “check out”
  2. Feeling incredibly confident in my abilities (most the time) 
  3. The history and tradition, regardless of discipline 
  4. The fact it’s the one place in the world that not only accepts but prefers to have my corgi around!
  5. Bonding (ponies and people) 
  6. The classiness 
  7. Ray… after 11 years there are no words to help people understand why he is so important 
  8. Spending money (so sue me I like to work hard and earn lots of money so I can spend it on lots of things) 

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