At this point in my life I can comfortably say I understand how those who are looking for a new home feel. I have also decided with a great degree of certainty, I have no desire to EVER partake in that process. 

Currently I am painstakingly attempting to find a barn. Like I said just as bad as house hunting. 
When I moved to the Bay Area I was blinded by the impressiveness of opportunity. Don’t get me wrong, I love it here. But all those amazing companies/projects/schools come at a cost. Namely in the cost of EVERYTHING.
I was lucky enough originally to nab a spot quickly in the Stanford Red Barn. It was not until after I went to switch horses, accidentally giving up my coveted spot, that I realized the importance of it! 
Apparently every barn in this area either costs more than my rent (for a little perspective this is equivalent to a mortgage) or has a waiting list longer than the running airtime of Dr. Who.
Its also extremely difficult because NO barn in the area measures up to the wonderful Red a Barn.
I will have to keep frantically looking, as the pageant season heard up soon! 

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