I have been blessed with my own bundle of joy. But my own baby is not that of the human kind, I finally have a puppy!

While I was away at college my trusty lab of 15 years passed away. It was a sad day, but she gave me a lot of good years. I knew I had to wait until after I graduated but I told myself that I would get a new dog when I graduated from college.

So around April I started looking for a dog, while I loved my lab, my favorite dog in life was my one and only corgi. So I started looking for corgi breeders in the area. Adding to the difficulty of the equation is that when you graduate college they don’t tell you that you will be beyond broke.

But finally I found one, I set up a payment plan and 5 short weeks later he was mine! That’s when the real work began. I’m pretty lucky that sleeping through the night came quickly, however  the potty training has not been as successful. I am now convinced that all houses should only ever had tile floors. It’s also really hard to be mad at him when he looks so darn adorable.

I’m pretty sure that he could have his own show on comedy central. Between stealing brooms and taking off down the hallway with them (they’re 5 times bigger than him) and eating holes in my pants he keeps me on my toes.

Raleigh is so helpful setting the table.
He doesn’t like getting caught misbehaving

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