I usually am all about countdowns, excitement and general focus on a big life event beforehand, but the past month with work being not so great I literally haven’t thought of my Canada trip at all. Sure I bought a plane flight, managed to get my passport, and had a mini melt down when I realized they didn’t have team roping. But other than that I haven’t had any excitement about the trip or focus really at all on it.

This weekend however I went out with one of my girlfriends/former rodeo queen extrordinaire to get my nails done and buy some travel soap. Normally I wouldn’t dream of spending $90 for shiny appendages, but I sorta figured why not! Anna is heading to London for a wedding and I am heading to Canada, so we both decided to live a little.

Tomorrow the day is finally here! I will be jumping on a big jet plane, heading on my very first international flight (it totally counts), and going to Canada. Once there I get to see one of my favorite teammates, hunter princess turned rodeo queen, whom I haven’t seen in 2 years. I’ll attend the famous Calgary Stampede, compete with racing chuck wagons (see the attached video, it’s awesome). I get to watch the GPs at Spruce Meadows, and I get to see the famous “olympic park”.

I am finally excited. Genuinely looking forward to my trip, as my mom said, for 5 days I don’t have to do a single thing but what I want. If I decide not to get on a plane so what, if I want to stay at the rodeo and blow off the family thing, do it. For the first time in 2 years I am stepping away from my work and truly taking a vacation.

Thank god!

only picture of my nails I have, with my ramen aka crack 

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