With the Mother Lode Round-Up we have something that is kinda out in left field, maybe even down right crazy in the queen world, well all of the world honestly. 

We have a 3 month long contest.

Yep you read that right, for 3 months a group of girls joins together for the singular purpose of preparing to spend 3 days competing to win that shiny piece of hardware.

Because of this level of commitment we have a “qualifying ride” event and kickoff to help celebrate our contestants, our fabulous current queen (oh wait that’s me!) and get ready for rodeo season.

So this past week we had the amazing kickoff festivities, a awesome group of girls showed up to throw their hats into the ring. Of course in true rodeo fashion it wouldn’t be a rodeo without a few hiccups.

This began when it poured,  I mean dumped buckets, the night before our preride. Of course cowgirls don’t melt, so with a somewhat clear start the following day we rode. My coordinator, being the mamma bear type, said to me before letting me loose to demostrate the pattern.

“Please for the love of God take it easy.”

Ok so maybe I go a little hard. But hey is it rodeo or ice ballet folks?

But I listened cause it was slippery and miss Mouse was sassy. Everyone had a solid ride and with that 3 contestants were competing for my crown.

However the rain was not the only wrench the universe was going to throw. Two nights later, as I was getting ready to head to the big shindig when I reached my arm up to adjust my dress and I heard the most sickening sound…..


The sleeve of my first full length custom leather dress just ripped.

But we all know that I somehow can roll with the punches. So I hurried to the clubhouse so I was early to the event and could hopefully do damage control.  I then proceeded to ask every single one of my Posse members for duck tape.

Somehow none of them had it in their trucks (I feel like I should have revoked some Cowboy Cards, but I digress) luckily tape was located under the bar, the sleeve as repaired and the show went on!

Miss Mary & I. Yes that is the torn sleeve. Yay for duck tape on silver dresses.

Hopefully this isn’t a sign of another bumpy year to come. But hey, that’s rodeo! 


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