One of my favorite people miss Tracy at Fly on Over did another blog hop I love great content, since I’m a lousy blogger haha.

Since I am trying to find a good marketing job again (thanks organizational restructuring) I am working at the tack store and helping to run the family business. Because of that my days are very fluid schedule wise, add on top of that a full time rodeo schedule, two horses to work, and a corgi.

This is an average rodeo/work say combo, there are usually 2 of these events a week, plus regular work days in between.

My sanity, The Day Designer, best planner ever. 

6:05 am Fitbit alarm buzzes on my wrist, ignore it and sleep a little longer, nine minutes later it goes off again, ignore again, repeat. 
6:30 am I wake up take the corgi out, start some tea or coffee, jump in the shower.
7:05 am Call my mom while going around my apartment getting ready, typically this consists of picking a semi nice shirt, jeans and contemplating weather a trophy buckle is too hillbilly for a hunter jumper tack shop.
7:30 am Sit down at my table, take care of paperwork for the family business. Typically NCIS reruns or an audiobook are playing in the background. 
8:00 am Head to the barn, saddle princess pants and take care of misc barn stuff reorganizing trunk, changing bits, etc. 
8:30 am Ride the pony, alternating which ring I ride her in and weather we are training or just conditioning.  Un saddle and give her kisses or glares depending on the ride. 
9:40 pm Head to work, usually only takes 10 minutes to drive but involves picking up a smoothie at the market or something. 
10:00 am Settled in at work, check messages, check up on my favorite customers orders and such. Typically put out fires such as what does this mean, where did this get put, hunt down suppliers whose products are mia (I’m looking at you Ogilvy) 
10 am-2 pm Help customers, ranging from what is this poky thing for to I’m headed to a show tomorrow and need new boots, breeches, hunt coat, helmet, etc why don’t you have my sizes? Update social media, track products in the system,  process orders as they come in.
(corgi meanwhile this whole time alternates between sitting in front of the door waiting to be petted, sitting on customer’s feet while I fit them for boots, and laying belly up in front of the register) 
2:00 pm Change clothes, jump in my car and hit the road, if I am really prepared I take a few minutes to put my hair in rollers before leaving, otherwise put hair in rollers while driving.

5:30 pm Arrive at whatever pageant event/appearance it is, usually have taken rollers out during the last few miles of the drive. Fluff curls, tease my wings (yes that is a thing), attach sash, touch up lipstick and put on hat.

5:45 Walk into whatever event it is, stand awkwardly by the door panicking and wondering why I do the queen thing, see a familiar face start to remember I am an idiot for being nervous.

6-9 pm Mingle, sell tickets, give speeches or whatever the event entails.

9:00 pm Either head back across the bay or o one of my two surrogate family’s house. Call my mom while driving at friend’s house I play with puppies, debrief about the event and unwind.

11:30 pm ish Head to sleep and get ready to go home, or if already home mentally prepare for work.

Of course all of this changes constantly, and the rare occasion I head to SF and have a non horse/rodeo day. 

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