sooooo since I am seeing L today, and I haven’t hopped in a while, I’ll bite. Here is the latest Viva Carlos blog hop.

Other than money, what would make your horse life more simple?

There are a billion things I could say, a reining trainer in Woodside, my own private plane so I could fly home to ride Mouse more than just at shows, getting rid of my second job so I had the time to ride.

But the most concrete and straightforward is a hauling rig here in Woodside.

After fighting with my insurance to repair my car for the untempth time and putting all my savings into my Canada trip I won’t be bringing my truck and trailer up here for the forseable future.

The funny thing is we have THREE complete hauling rigs in LA, yet storage is super limited/expensive here.  It’s impractical right now to pay insurance, maintenance, and storage here when I’ll use it once a month or so.

Hopefully in the next year I will figure things out a bit more, in the mean time I will be only attending events that I can ride to or bum a haul to!

My favorite of our hauling rigs! 
Buttt instead I drive this, sans my teammates window paint. 

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