If you live in a city, urban, popular area you know who I’m talking about. People who are super into the newest spots to hit (be that culinary or shopping), workaholics, and usually obsessed with their kids or their pet.

On Tuesday I went to yet another apartment viewing, since I’ve had some practice in this field I’ve learned usually the deal breaker is the dog. Being the proactive genius that I am I decided I will bring him for my potential landlord to meet. I mean you can’t be sad when you look at a corgi!!

Unfortunately for me Raleigh has a bit overstayed his welcome at the office, so I was facing the daunting task of getting off work, racing 29 miles south and back to make my appointment. Instead in my infinite wisdom, aka smart moments once in a blue moon; I decided to take him to doggie day camp.

From the moment I walked in the doors of a lobby, fancier than some offices I’ve seen, I knew I was among friendly company. Leaving was a couple who came, clearly frequent visitors as they were greeted by name. Beside me, not so patiently waiting for their “pet condo” was a woman and her small dog, complete with a sweater.

Of course I came corgi in tow, with a bag packed enough for a week long stay, with kibble, toys, treats, blankets and even his own sweaters! After arriving I was walked through the daunting task of deciding what my little child should partake in. Ultimately we choose a spa day, and play time. I felt lactose free doggie ice cream might put on a few too many pounds.

While mingling with our kind Raleigh and I came to the conclusion that we have become “those people;” slightly pretentious, incredibly obnoxious city folk. Luckily I am on a budget, so there’s still some hope that I will refrain from purchasing a dogie stroller for him. But you never know! I realized, yes I have become “those people” and I’m proud of it!

On our way to day camp!


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