Boy it’s been a crazy few weeks since I wrote about the Rowell Ranch Rodeo. Unfortunately a massive reaction to posion oak sidelined me to urgent care 3 days in a row forcing me to miss the┬áMarysville Stampede and the Santa Maria Rodeo.

Once we were up and running, first stop was my first solo parade with the posse.┬áThen it was off to Livermore for the “World’s Fastest Rodeo” with my family visiting to cheer me on. At Livermore I was able to participate in one of my favorite events, the special children’s rodeo, where I met some adorable and fun children that remind me of why I love this job.

Following the rodeo I came down to my car, and my post ride buzz was shattered just like my Pete’s window. I looked in and was horrified to find that my pride and joy, my brand new chaps were stolen.

The days following my break in have been a whirlwind; between social media and traditional media outlets there has been an outpouring of support. In the first few days we were hopeful that with over 2,000 Facebook shares and national television exposure might shed some light on this situation. Sadly things are becoming less promising as the days go by.

At this point I have started to call upon my amazing friends and support system to move forward and work towards replacing the chaps. If anyone is interested in supporting, or at least passing along the word it would be greatly appreciated.

While powering through the ups and downs of this crazy ride I came across an interesting quote.

“Some see the glass as half full, others half empty. But the great news, the glass is refillable.”

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