So there’s this girl, she’s kinda the bomb, I mean she’s totally smart and perfect and always tells me the right things (when I actually listen to her) she’s my Big.

If you are not familiar with the Greek world, when one is initiated into an organization they are given a Big, and that person becomes their best friend.

My Big and I have a special bond; special not because we get along great and totally adore each other but because we are the most awkward big little pair you will ever see. I’m bigLittle, she’s littleBig; I mean literally, I am about 6 ft tall, she on a good day is barely 5’2″.

I tell you this story to prepare for my real one.

On Monday, I went to yet another interview in my fruitless job search. I was kind of apprehensive about the whole thing and wasn’t sure I wanted to go. But I had driven 6 hours for it, so I kind of had to. The last thing I read before I walked in was a message from my Big, ending with the phrase, good luck glitter. To the average sane human this would make no sense, however we are far from average. We share a very large, almost unhealthy obsession with glitter. That message made me smile and gave me a bounce in my step heading into the office.

From start to finish this interview was a night and day difference from those in the past. I didn’t feel nervous, felt like the editor cared about the things I had to say, and one of the girls rode horses! I left feeling pretty good about myself, after seeing the resume below mine with a Masters Degree and twenty times more experience that me I figured I was out of the running. But at least I hadn’t bombed.

A day later out of the blue I got a voicemail from the editor asking me to call at my convenience. As we began talking I was sure that he wanted to critique my interview and gently let me down. But you could have knocked me over with a feather when he said, you may be pretty green but I would like to offer you the job. ME! He picked me! I was pretty darn excited it took a lot of self control not to rely yes immediately. I mulled it over with my parents and 10 hours later I was setting a start date and searching for an apartment.

Luckily I like a challenge so this doesn’t scare me as much as excite me. But I do know one thing, it wouldn’t have happened without three words. Good Luck Glitter.

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