Yes I used Taylor Swift lyrics as a title, just cause I know L loves her (not). As you may have noticed I did a major overhaul to the bloggy interface. For the past two years since I got really into  blogging I have constantly stressed over my blog’s look/feel/statement… Blame the web designer in me. I had the internal dilemma blogger or wordpress, php, java or html. After annoying poor L to death  with rivisions, opinions and lunchtime brainstorming I am proud to announce my new (ish) blog!

With the way life is right now my blog has shifted, less ponies and work, more about my crazy and bizarre quest into rodeo stardom. Since I only have two more years left to do this, better live it up! So for now, I shall share with my blogging buddies life through the eyes of a rodeo queen (hopeful).

Feel free to write me anytime with questions, curiosities, or stuff you want me to write about! I am sure I will keep you updated on a bit of the goings on with my hunter pony, but for now life is pretty queenie. Be sure to like our Facebook page and follow us on insta so you are updated on all the goings on. So time to cowboy up and join myself, a little mouse and a sassy corgi along the rodeo road 🙂

Oh and I joined bloglovin!

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