Because I’m funny like that I thought I’d make a literary pun. Anyway to catch you guys up on what’s happening in the life of me.

Last week I finally became an international traveler! After several hours traveling into the late night I arrived in Canada at 2 am. The next day I woke up bright and early to get to the parade at 7 am, after a little incident where one of our group passed out and gave herself a concussion.  But after all the adventures we ended up getting to the Stampede grounds.

I was surprised me with front row seats literally touching the arena fence. It was a completely fabulous rodeo (expect the fact that they don’t have team roping *insert annoyed face*), complete with completely adorable pony races with mini pickup riders. We toured the grounds, got to watch stock dog trials, shopped, ate junk food and prepared for the night’s festivities.

In Canada they have their own sport, unique to their country, televised and all. And it’s way cooler than hockey. They have chuck wagon races. That night we got to watch the best of the best take a team of  OTTB attach them to wagons and peel around a track. It was epic.

We finished the night off with a pretty cool stage show and crashed. The next day bright and early we headed to Spruce Meadows. After about 2 seconds there I decided that I wanted to quit my job become a show jumper and move to Canada. Only part I’m lacking is a horse and guts. I got to watch fabulous jumping and almost pet Reed Kessler’s horse.

The following day I spent watching local chuck wagon races. In the middle of the day I completely and totally lost the ability to even.

They had mini chuck wagon races…. Little kids attached mini chuck wagons to mini horses and ran in circles. I couldn’t handle the cuteness.

We finished the trip with some river boating, shopping and just relaxing.

When I got back my parents had come into town. I got to ride the princess pony, stay up late playing with our puppies and just enjoying my family. Over the weekend daddy took Mouse into a cattle working clinic in preparation for Grand National. It was really interesting, fairly fun to watch (though a little slow at times) and exciting to see what my pony is capable of.

I ended the week with the most perfect ride with her and dinner with the fam, wishing it’d never end. Sadly it did, and now I am just working on getting back into the grove of boring everyday life.


Satin for L

yes that is Reed Kessler’s horse. 

If only I needed a saddle.. and you know
had money and stuff

I stole his hat
It was so fluffy I almost died!


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