Merry Christmas!!!
I have had one of the best holidays on record. No crazy presents to report, some pretty and preppy clothes, a pretty piece of horsey artwork but the best was my daddy did make me a pretty awesome bridle.

For months I have looking forward to the holidays, having two weeks off and spending it at the ranch riding 24/7. As they say they best laid plans. So far I have been here a day and a half, I have not ridden once and Mouse is lame.

Merry Christmas to me right?! We are taking her to the vet tomorrow, and so far after a round of Prevacox, she is starting to look better. Otherwise, in exactly 30 days when I have my first event for my next pageant I am SOL.

But in general this holiday has been wonderful, my completely nutty family has gotten along surprisingly well and I have enjoyed not checking a single work email!

Before I arrived back at the ranch things were a bit crazy. I spent my first two days of the holiday recruiting sponsors for my next pageant. I am happy to report that I have my first check!

 One down 3 billion more to go. In the grand amazing scheme of life, I would sell all my required tickets, win the contest and have enough sponsor money left over to buy out the queen trailer. We shall see, but for now I am just happy to be moving in the right direction.

We shall see tomorrow what the vet prognosis is, and where I am headed from here. Worse comes to worse I do the pageant on Dad’s greenie, or my old pleasure horse. Neither will have the wow factor of Mouse, but at least I am not completely horse less!

I hope you all had a spectacular holiday!

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