Branding: when visuals transform the user experience

OneMerck is the customer-focused loyalty program of Merck Animal Health. In 2017, like many organizations, they struggled with understanding how to make the program serve customers’ needs while also increasing sales. As a multi-species marketing program, the goal was to develop loyalty through product cross-selling.

Three species one goal

Established to bridge the gap between species, OneMerck offered incentives for cattle, swine, and equine products, representing 3 million head of cattle alone. However, the sales team’s feedback was abysmal at best; difficulty understanding the program mechanics, poor user experience, and lackluster communication hamstrung OneMerck’s potential. Congruence seemed to be the core issue; utilizing team surveys, a focus group, and a strategy session, the OneMerck brand identity was born.

Turning the corner together

Next up was to place this shiny new idea into action. One sales enablement platform hosted two comprehensive detailers, which streamlined a myriad of previous tools and communications. At the National Sales Meeting, the marketing session mobilized the OneMerck relaunch with 300 field-based team members. Following the meeting, we released a series of FAQs and training videos via our weekly internal e-newsletter. Alongside field-based conversations, the program became part of the digital experience as a step in the main email journey, where prospects were funneled back to the sales team.

When the marketing department finally viewed the OneMerck program as more than just a sales incentive, the team was empowered with the right tools to cross-sell. Current customers saw a 12% increase in the adoption of new product categories. In addition, the following two years saw double-digit growth in new enrollees.