I have barely had time to write since rodeo week. It feels like I have to remember how to live outside my rodeo world. My time at the barn has been replaced with time on the highway and my events have been replaced with long hours at the office.

But I wouldn’t have it any other way. As I was wrapping up my duties with Mother Lode, I was also moving, and preparing for a new adventure. A job with the historic Cow Palace.

In March I was called, interviewed, and ultimately offered my dream job, managing marketing and social media for the largest indoor rodeo in the state of California! I opted to start following the Mother Lode craziness, so I could give each project my full commitment, and since then it has been the most amazing dream-like state.

Sure I can’t stand sitting in traffic for 3 hours, ultimately choosing to send Mouse back to the ranch because riding wasn’t feasible. But everyday I walk into my office, in awe that I am able to work in these hallowed halls.

I am optimistic that I can balance my rodeo life with my professional life, after all I’ve done it for this long already! But even if I had to quit rodeoing tomorrow, this isn’t a bad way to go out.


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