Hi there.. I’m alive, promise… If you were anyone short of my boss or my mother you might think otherwise, life sorta hijacked and struck me over the head with a two by four…

But I’m here, attempting to keep my head above water at work after a two week break. Prepping for the 6 month evaluation (and developing an ulcer in the process). Perhaps this is what being a big kid is really like, all work and no play..
My free time has been spent gearing up for the pageant, which kicks off next week. Part of my plan was to do some tweaking to my website, so people could learn about me. Of course, me being me, I ended up re writing the entire website, building an commerce site to sell tickets, starting a mini blog, and creating a Facebook page. 
Not sure what possessed me to go completely and totally over the top. I go through moments when I think that there’s no way I can win this pageant thing. Then some days I think I am pretty darn ready. 
It’s been a while since I had a full schedule/season/goal outside college so maybe that is why I am having a total meltdown. Or maybe that’s an omen, the question, is it good or bad? 
PS: If you were possibly feeling nice, like my Facebook page, and check out my website!
Pretty new head shot!

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