It’s November?….Wait it is November! I love November, probably more than December actually. I mean Thanksgiving, shopping, decorating, opening a few early presents. But I digress my November did not start out so hot.

It was ushered in by a completely awesome October with the Grand National and all of it’s glory. However so far November and I are not on the same page. I have sent two of my ponies down to the ranch for the winter, am sending another off next week, and had a heck of a car debacle.

But after 4 days going back and forth with the repair shop I have decided to make lemons out of lemonade. Sure my wallet is $400 bucks lighter, but Pete is happy and healthy.

I have decided rather than be sad, I will make the best of my last week with Mister Nemo before he goes back to his mother. So tomorrow morning I am rocking my completely awesome new Ariat denim breeches and going to spend some good old fashioned pony time.

How I see it, I could yell and scream at the guy for making me bring my car back 4 times, or I could be happy I have a car to drive! Sure there has been a good portion of pouting over the fact that I will be horseless for 3 weeks. But if that’s the worst of my worries. I really don’t have it that bad!

Because the Big Bang is my favorite and Haley is just amazing. 

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