Wow it has been pedal to the metal the past few months I realize that I haven’t updated my blog very much OK well maybe not at all. But here is my chance to redeem myself I hope y’all aren’t too mad at me or haven’t forgotten about me!
After Grand National my schedule shifted gears and I had several parades back to back. I even managed to have my family in Sonora to help celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday and ring in Christmas with a 20 degree night parade.
One very soggy downpoured equestrian parade and several meetings later came my favorite time. No not Christmas, the National Finals Rodeo!
This year I did big kid queen stuff like meeting with sponsors and getting fitted for yet another custom hat. I do believe that I am going to single-handedly keep Trent at Greeley Hat Works in business. I am majorly obssesed with his stuff!
Luckily Las Vegas is not far from mom and dad so they were able to come down for the day so we could spend it as a family. I am constantly in awe about how much rodeo and horses play a part in our lives. My parents are so incredible as dad got into hat fittings and even talked about getting one of his own; and mom put up with 2 hours of this!


Because I am that girl never sits still for long I flew in and out of Vegas in one day. I flew out at five in the morning and arrived home at midnight. Of course this was due to a 3 hour delay at the airport. But I managed to meet a few adorable new rodeo fans so that made it go by quickly.
With Christmas came a few days downtime and by the first of the year I was back on it but that will have to wait for another post there’s a lot that I need to catch up all of y’all up on last year’s adventures!

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