For those of you that keep up on the Agricultural industry, every March the nation celebrates National Ag Day, an oppurtunity for our political leaders to learn more from their local agricutlurlaists, and for our voices and issues to be heard.

This year I did something wild, wacky and different, I as the Mother Lode Round-Up Queen went! Usually this is a trip that is made only by Miss Rodeo California, however myself and many other queens chose to step up to the plate as well.

In true fun fashion there were a few bumps (read my suitcase got lost/didn’t make it) however I wouldn’t change a single piece of the trip. I had the opportunity to room with Miss Rodeo California, Rachel, for those of you who may not know, Rachel and I first met when she without hesitation (or even knowing my name) stepped up and handed my her horse the second Mouse became lame at the Norco Rodeo.

We spent the first day going door to door meeting legislators inviting them to the event and meeting with others in the rodeo community. Late that night several well meaning and slightly clueless (ok yes I mean me) somehow stumbled our way into a 4 star upscale fancy restaurant just before closing. two dumped plates, several funny faces, and one excited discussion about the crumber (thing to scrape off the table) I am sure the waiter really wanted rid of us. But it made for a story of the ages!

The next day was spent roping, meeting with countless people and talking all about ag. Till finally it was time to pack up and head home. Though I went a little to left field choosing to go, I am so glad I went.

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