At Motherlode we have a very unique (ok yea like half what we do is weird and different) ┬átradition. Coyote Sam and his band of bandits (read this as a bunch of the Posse guys dressed in costumes) hijack downtown, ride horses up the street with cars, shoot black powder guns and steal something that means the rodeo can’t go on!

This year the item in question ended up being none other than my crown. Yep that’s right, someone decided that the shiny piece of silver that tells you who I am was the best candidate for thievery. So through two weeks and two events the faithful rodeo queen and contestants worked their darndest to protect my beloved crown. This even included sacrificing my good ranch rope to the cause!

Our efforts were for naught as my hat, crown and all was taken from my head and paraded up and down the street. Of course being a proper rodeo queen I proceeded to nab and abandoned hat from the street so at least I was no bare headed. In the end I was able to recover my hat, however it was another week, including going through our charity barrel race/team roping crown-less, until my crown was recovered. So now I have added a new habit to my rodeo queen repertoire, I will start pinning my crown to my hat!

Barrel racing sans crown, but notice I still have my sash!


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