We all can agree that in general we share the same affinity for the equine animal. But within our merry band everyone has their own special idiosyncrasies. For me it is tack, I love good, GOOD quality, insanely soft tack.

So this past 3 day weekend, like any self respecting OCD person I disassembled, cleaned, oiled, cleaned again, and re assembled every piece of tack I owned. Some pieces fared better than others, but all in all it was a very successful venture. From start to finish I went through an ENTIRE bottle of oil, brand new to completely empty.

So Now I figure I am good for at least a good two moths before I become infuriated with the look, feel of my tack, or am just plain bored!

Anyone else have weird equine obsessions/habits? Come on now I can’t be the only crazy!

So at one point this was Edgewood colored…. That’s what
happens when you buy expensive tack for 13 year old pony riders. 
Outfit cause why not, and corgi. 

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