So it finally happened, I found a nice guy he liked me, I liked him and we decided ok it’s time. For an interview. I have been applied to roughly 5,382.09 jobs, and FINALLY an employer said hey she’s alright we should talk to her. I would now like to take you through this dazzling process.

So I got a call yesterday around noon, from my former internship boss,
“hi it’s {insert name here} how are you?”

“oh hello sir I’m fine how are you” (subconsciously I am thinking ok is he calling for an interview or to tell me about the restraining order for overzealous job followups?)”

“well thank you, I’m calling to see if you are free to come in and discuss the opening? Are you free around 1:30?”

(REALLY, he expects me to show up in an hour and a half ready to interview, when I’m standing in the barn covered in dewormer, 1:30 just will not work)

“Would 2:00 be fine?”

“Sounds great see you then”

So I threw my horse in the barn and rushed to get ready. I’m pretty sure I ripped out half my scalp frantically teasing and reteasing my hair. I jumped in my car and raced across town in time to sit in the lobby nervously as I waited for him to call me in.

We exchanged pleasantries and began the interview, question after question was asked as he typed my answers. I was feeling pretty great with my polished answers, I’ve totally got this. Then it happened, a question I hadn’t practiced.

“What do you feel is the best course of action when the police refuses to disclose information regarding an ongoing investigation?”

(I don’t know I just graduated from college I have no clue how to make a freaking police department cave)

“Well I believe that the best course of action is to contact the department, if they fail to provide information locate residents near the event who are aware of the details.”

“I see”

(he doesn’t look like he likes that answer, do I keep talking or…)

The interview finally wrapped up and I was free to go, I kept thinking to myself try not to look too relieved that it’s over.

A few hours later I got an email requesting another interview, I did a super happy dance.  So I figured even if I looked like a deer facing an Astro Van when he asked me asked me questions, at least I have one interview under my belt!

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