I am pretty sure that all of us oldies can agree that we mourned the loss of our Junior years. What is it about that single line in any show premium “an individual who has not reached their 18th birthday as of December 1st of the current competition year.”

Like everyone else I shed a tear when I graced the big 18. But I don’t think the real sense of loss hit me until my twenties. Tonight I watched the BCS National Championship Football Game (war damn!) and it hit me, it has been almost 2 years since I was an NCAA athlete. Though I had a very successful youth career, to me my glory years were in college.

Individually I actually didn’t prove as successful as when I competed privately. However working with a team of 50 girls, sharing the same passion, can’t be beat. As happy as I am with my life and ability to be a independent successful woman at 23, part of me wishes I could have stayed a college student forever. Maybe that’s why I work at a university, I am always to capture a little bit of the old glory days.

Sadly time marches on, so I shall forever be relegated to the title of has been. Doomed to watch college sports and say, back when I was NCAA Reserve National Champion. The one nice thing about being a big graduated kid, you can “check in” at bars on Facebook and not worry about getting two a days for it!

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