This weekend was one of the things I have been looking forward to most in my year as Round-Up Queen. Not the National Finals, or Gold Tour rodeos, but my simple little hometown rodeo.

Throughout my life I have been split between two homes, one in the mountains of Sonora, and the LA suburbs of Apple Valley. With that came not one, but TWO hometown rodeos, Mother Lode Round-Up and San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Rodeo.
For the past 3 years I’ve been blessed to ride in the Mother Lode Round-Up. Now after 16 years of attending and helping backstage I was finally able to ride in my “other” rodeo.
Along the rodeo road you make so many friends and surrogate family, but this weekend, I remembered how truly amazing it is to share what you love with your biological family.
As the fourth generation to participate in the Sheriff’s Rodeo it was incredible to carry the same flag as my family before me has done. I’ve rodeoed alongside my father for years but the feeling of sharing our rodeo together was one that I’ll never forget.
Mighty Mouse was sassy and fiery as always and despite her injuries and bumps on the road lately she gave it her all. But to give the princess a bit of a break we also pulled my old rodeo mount Parker out of retirement for an encore, he was mister perfect as always, and I was a tad sad I no longer own him!
What I didn’t bank on when I decided to ride in my second favorite rodeo, was how nervous I’d be having my extended family see me as a queen for the first time. It’s a little different for them to follow your adventures via Facebook and blogs and other websites. But seeing it live I really feel like you have to give the best performance you can.

By the end of the weekend I remembered we’re all here because we love rodeo and they would love me tiara or not. Butttt luckily I also didn’t drop any flags!


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