So I am still trying to figure out what to do with this whole horseless existence. I come home each night and sit in front of the TV, which is entertaining since I don’t even have cable! The one bright spot in the last week has been that the NFR is going on. For those of you who don’t know, the NFR is the Super Bowl of rodeos.

Even though I have said I am not a fan of barrel racing, I will guiltily admit that I have been following it during the NFR.  My friend’s trainer happens to have a horse running in the barrels, I will admit it’s one of those lame celebrity by association things. But I find it totally awesome that a pleasure horse trainer bred a horse that is competing in the largest rodeo in the world. In any event, I am glad for something to follow and get excited about…

But the most exciting part about the NFR (slightly beating out ogling the cute calf ropers) is the Miss Rodeo America pageant. All week I have been religiously following the pageant, hitting refresh waiting to see pictures of all the fabulous outfits, or sheepishly listening to the coronation when I should be working. Despite the completely baffling fact that she was one of two riders whose horse slipped and she fell off, Miss Rodeo Mississippi, Paige Nicholson, was crowned the new MRA. Though I am slightly confused how the judging played out, I am super stoked for the upcoming pageant season.

Honestly I should probably be using this time extra time I have to drum up sponsors and study. But I am a horrible procrastinator, always have been with homework. Sadly that’s what the non fun part of queen prep feels like. The fun part is the riding and the clothes!

Speaking of clothes, I finally got my boots. Little back story, my childhood neighbor began her own fashion line, as her super awesome designs became popular she caught the eye of Ariat. In the 2 years since then her boots have been flying off the shelves faster then she could dream them up. Luckily this year I had the inside track! Between doing some fit modeling for Ariat, to working retail, and bugging Lorinda, I was bound and determined to get them this year. After 6 months of waiting they have finally arrived! I am one of the first ones to have the Gilded Gypsy boots from the Spring Gypsy Soule collection.

I plan to proudly rock them at my next pageant. Just like this year’s MRA pageant I am going to rock the fashion forward look.

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