Well I’ve had a half a dozen update posts in my que, but you know what they say, the best laid plans! Today I finally decided there’s no time like the present to update my wonderful readers.

Between a new job in SF, traveling back and forth to keep miss priss ridden and a rodeo every weekend I kind of wonder how I manage to even have brain cells. But instead I am more invigorated and focused than I’ve ever been before.
It makes me realize that the more passionately you address life the more you get out of it!
I’m off to the cream de la crem of California rodeos, the California Rodeo Salinas. This has me aware of how amazingly blessed I am to participate in the sport I represent.
For my second time I have the opportunity to ride in front of over 10,000 rodeo fans at part of the 7 Wrangler Gold Tour Rodeos. Let’s just hope my emotional self doesn’t cry, and fingers crossed I’m not bucked off!
One of these days I will stop and more throughly record my travels for those who are interested, but for now I’m off to the ro-day-o!

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