This post is only one two days after my last one. So I consider that a personal triumph. Honestly I have no clue how some of y’all update your blog daily! Without further ado, Day 3 questions.

11. Critique your horse’s confirmation.

Being that I finally have both my ponies back, I am going to use BOTH of my babies. (I know I’m even judging myself for being an attention hog) Also, fun fact apparently I never take standard side profile shots of my horses because it was insanely hard to find pics for this.

side note I miss that saddle.. I got it as my 16th birthday present
I recently sold it because I outgrew it.

Believe it or not Mouse has REALLY nice confirmation (this picture is her as a 2 yo) but I will say, aside from her height, a whopping 14.3 hands. She does have several big scars from her baby days in the pasture that will rule her out as a halter pony. And her neck and canons are a tad short.


I just have to gloat that Ray looks pretty dang good for a 20 yo horse. But the one big downfall to mister perfect is his practically limoesque back. It’s WAY too long. He used to have a better hip/muscling than he does now. But all in all he’s pretty well put together, which is probably why he has never had any lameness issues.

12. Your horse’s favorite riding exercise.

For princess pony her favorite exercise is circling. We don’t do it very much because honestly there’s very little to improve. We spend most of our lessons stopping cause she is not a big slider. Hopefully that will come with time. I love her circles cause they are almost always perfectly engaged and I don’t have to steer her much, she has a sixth sense about knowing where in the arena we should be!

Old man is perfect, I mean at 20 with about a billion (ok 3) world titles there’s not much “drilling” that has to be done. But the one thing we practice most, and that I know he enjoys, is trail. It’s the western equivalent of a nary hunter course. Effortless and precise with a billion itty bitty turns and nuances. I guess the fact we’ve won the world means we’ve figured something out. But more times than not he saves my ass. 
Crappy quality, but I love that he’s bridleless

13. Favorite spa day products

My ponies are as spoiled as I am…. (which is a lot or not at all, depending who you ask) I like to make sure that I am making them look pretty and feel good. That being said I honestly don’t use a lot of “horse” products for beautifying.. My barn shampoo is whatever was on sale that week, and my spray conditioner is a mix of half water and half cream conditioner (my trainer taught me that, he claims it’s better for their hair than show sheen, I have no clue, but it’s a habit!).

But I do have one product, after my pony is beautiful that I LOVE to use as a finishing touch.

As my stock girls say, “I love the smell of Pepi in the morning.” 
Pepi! If you’ve ever used it you know exactly what I mean. If you haven’t try it. 

14. Three best things about your horse.

She was telling us that she really was over pictures. 
You can’t quite tell in the picture, but he spent a solid
two hours licking the bars of that fence as I read.

They are actually very similar and I love them for the same reasons. Biggest of which, PERSONALITY. This is in capital letters because honestly their personalities are larger than life.

 Ray would be that gay best friend, a little sassy, a little haughty, but always there for you. Mouse is a princess pony. She is sassy and lets you know when she doesn’t like something; usually with this weird circular head toss. The rest of the time she is mostly just apathetic and wondering why you are bothering her with menial things like work, when she could be eating.  Come to think of it, Ray is like that a bit too!

Aside from that they both have the biggest heart. If I put Ray long to a trail pole or a jump, he will go for it. If I tell Mouse to steer one handed in a snaffle carrying a flag, she follows the rail just as she’s taught.

Last is a bit selfish, but they are just all around nice horses. Honestly I have had more talented mounts, but none are as wonderful to be around as these two. And lets be real, they’re gorgeous, cause who wants to own and ugly horse. 

 15. Favorite picture of your horse.

As you can tell I like kissing my horses. They do not always reciprocate that love.

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