Last week I got to do something I’ve wanted forever. I got to share the old man with my favorite person! This is a big deal for me, cause I am kinda anti letting others ride my horses, but as soon as I knew old man was moving back to the bay I told L she had to ride him.

Despite being completely fat and outta shape he was super good, she even had a few moments I thought gosh darn my little stock horse might make a hunter! When we were done flatting I was standing on the ground chatting, and I think I gave her a mini heart attack, I started un doing the bridle and handed it to her, reins around his neck. After a few, “I’m gonna die” she did a super fab job riding him bridle less too!

I am now epically excited for what the next 6 months holds. From starting another pageant, to making Ray a hunter, I think I’m going to be busy! Anyone else have big goals over the next few months?

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