So I totally am excited I completed a challenge… I am super great with follow through in most things in my life, blogging is not one of those. So here is my last post, it’s even immediately after day 4. Pretty sure this deserves a cookie..

16. Favorite class to watch at shows.

This is SO hard… I mean honestly, I consistently show on 4 different circuits (reining, rodeo, breed, hunter). Since its my blog and I get to do what I want, I’m picking one of each.

In reining my favorite classes to watch are the rookie non pro. They are the people that are just good
enough to make you go wow, but also still human enough to make you not feel like a failure at life.

For rodeoing my favorite is not…I repeat NOT, barrel racing. Every other girl on the pageant circuit, is a barrel racer, wants to be a barrel racer, or claims to one day show at the NFR. No thanks. I find very little skill in it, and quite honestly theres not much difference between runs. My favorite is team roping. I can compete in it at home, but still know I’ll never be the Chad Masters or Trevor Brazile.

Bailey is one of my favorite hunters ever!

Breed and Hunter shows my favorite is the same. Working Hunter Classes. I love the beauty, precision and class…. Pretty much I just love everything about hunters, the horses that show in them, and their movement. I just freaking love hunters.

The beast! 

17. Whats in your cooler at shows.

I’m a bit of a cheater here… I could count on my 2 hands, the
number of times I have taken a honest to goodness cooler to shows. I always haul my own horses in our living quarters, so I have a nice fancy kitchen. I live for my mom’s show day breakfast burritos with bacon. The wonderful thing is I always know no matter what the facility or surrounding area is, I am set!

18. One thing about showing (or riding in general) you wish you could change.


Whether you are rodeoing or riding fancy hunters. There is always some sort of politics/favoritism/drama. Your groom could dislike you and loose your crop before you enter the ring, or the judge doesn’t pin you because your trainer made them made 30 years ago. Sadly the horse industry is a catty one. I try really hard to ignore/rise above, but it still gets to you.

19. Your ringside crew.

Of course Bubba is the one dork not looking at the camera. 

My ringside crew is ALWAYS my family, I usually travel with a trainer, but with so many different events in so many places I have come to rely on my Momma & Daddy. They are my rock through everything, and honestly can give me as good of advice as my trainer.

20. Best prizes.

Obligatory artsy instagram photo of the buckle on the wall in my office. 

I enjoy winning. I’m gonna be real here, I am a competitive person and I like to know I succeeded! That being said I have a TON of ribbons, trophies, and other random prizes… My favorite are probably buckles, I have 35 of them, but I still LOVE winning them, year after year….. Probably has to do with my obsession with shiny objects, but that is a conversation for another day.

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