We all have that one horse, the animal that we tip our hat to. Not because they are necessarily the most talented and fabulous individual, or the one who always saves our butt, instead they are the bit of fur that reminds us why we willingly clamber onto a 1200 pound animal.
It’s not about a flawless symmetry as horse and rider become one, or a sunday stroll in the park. Instead that horse proves to be our match, the one that tests us as a rider, and sometimes even best’s us.

The other day I stumbled across a pretty great post from a legendary PRCA cowboy Larry Mahan. As an 8 time world champion rough stock rider, and accomplished roper, Mahan knows a thing or two about riding horses.His wonderful story tells about a horse named Rounder, who bested him out of the roping box and gave him ¬†one of the “worst whuppings of my life.”

But instead of speaking with contempt on ‘Ol Rouder, it’s admiration and affection for the great horse’s heart. “If the universe allows him another go round, I know exactly where he’ll be – at the NFR….and not backing into a roping box, either.”

We all have that horse, that tests us as a rider, and truly reminds us why we love the sport. For me it is Miss Mouse. If I want to go win the derby I’ll ride her sister, if I want to truly and completely feel like I’ve accomplished something as a rider, I saddle up and strap down on my sassy little spitfire.

Just like Rounder, each horse has something that they give to our world, he just happened to add an extra special notch to his belt.

“He entered heaven with bragging rights…having taught a world champion cowboy a BIG lesson.”

Larry and Rounder


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