In the regular world also known as not rodeo queen land, when one is of a certain age (read this over 20 and still single) their loved ones believe that they need to “fix” said relationship status.

Grandma is worried she might never meet a nice guy. Dad is worried he will be stuck with you in the house forever, and your social media feed is a never ending run of engagement, baby or wedding pictures.

However over in rodeo queen land the pendulum swings to the other side of the scale. From the time girls enter the sport, age 5 to 25, they are told not to talk about having a boyfriend, post pictures with boys, or even think of boys.

In the days of we’re just talking, “Facebook Official” (parents, you might need to have your kids explain that) and a social media perfect relationship it’s enough scare any perfectly sane girl into marrying the next guy she sees, or joining a convent just to escape it all!

But our awesome and amazing rodeo queens have something else up their sleeve. Passion.

A drive to compete, conquer and smash through anything in their way. The unwritten rule of not having a boyfriend turns the tables on today’s relationship examples. Ensuring that our girls are as strong at the alter as they are in the arena.

I am proud of the traditions my sport upholds, I don’t have to pronounce my feelings to the world for them to know I love my family. Why should a significant other be any different. With the Miss Rodeo USA pageant fast approaching I know that this will mean another year devoted completely and wholly to my sport, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I think that as the sport continues to evolve, so will our understanding of everything from boyfriends to bull riding. But hopefully the one thing we will never loose is the strength that we build in women, that they can stand beside their partners as well as without one.

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