When I am queening, showing, or even some sorority stuff, my mom has always known the one way to get me to relax, and stop freaking out. One word, Corgi. During Motherlode all my groom had to do was say it and I stopped melting down that the girl in front of me went off course.

Anyone who knows me knows, I’m Corgicentric.

So of course this past week it was only natural that I threw a birthday bash for the little guy at the local circuit show.We had cupcakes and doggie cupcakes and even a party hat. For his birthday he got a new toy that was touted at chew proof (spoiler alert, the toy is now dead). 
I have come to the conclusion if you are ever unhappy, or need something good in your life, go look at a corgi, you literally can’t frown. Seriously it’s a genetic impossibility. 
I will now leave you with photos of a corgi in a party hat eating a cupcake. 

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