This past weekend I embarked on my first rodeo after coronation. The 95th annual Rowell Ranch Rodeo. Lucky for me it was pretty close to home and I had some friends come watch so I was able to have a little help!

Rowell Ranch is a pretty neat rodeo, located just outside of Hayward it’s a great blend of the country folk from the Central Valley and the city folk interested in seeing our sport. Another great thing about it is the big hill.
Built into a basin right next to the freeway the rodeo has a long standing tradition of setting their queens and flags atop the hill above the arena and running them into the arena in grand fashion.
To my mother this is a nerve wracking thing to hear as my mare is not exactly known for being a snail. Myself I think it’s a grand idea!Well to be honest I might have been a teeny bit worried.

Always full of surprises Mighty Mouse proved that I had nothing to worry about! She long trotted the steep section of the hill, and when the time came, bang off like a shot.
I am constantly amazed with this horse, she constantly changes my expectations and impresses me at how amazingly in sync we have become.Now who knows the next horse show or rodeo everything may be terrifying and I may be back to square one.But for now she is behaving like a real life grown up. Fingers crossed it stays that way!

This weekend we are staying home and heading to a clinic, then horse show, one way or another baby girl is gonna get broke.

I didn’t really get any good pictures this weekend, but this is a old one that shows off the big hill well.


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