Well the week of the pageant is here! Much to my parents dismay I spent Sunday (my last full day before the storm hit) going to a Giants game, shopping, and in general just being a complete and total irresponsible carefree ditz. I think it is because of this glorious day that about tomorrow at 5 pm is when the panic will set in, as opposed to like last Friday which was my expected reaction.

Yesterday I got acrylic nails for the first time in 3 years, which is the bane of my existence, but last ride with Mouse I shattered my natural nails to heck and back sooooo acrylics were my only option. I have been polishing buckles, buffing boots, and in general just getting myself organized. I have my speech memorized and I am pretty sure it totally rocks, which considering how awkward the topic is I am very pleased.  In general I am feeling pretty darn put together, but you never know how these things go.

In a slightly related slightly un related note I got my reining saddle back from the maker, it was originally built in 1983 and honestly has held up really well. I will love to ride in it, but it was showing some age. We sent it to Carlos and he worked some restoration magic, check out the before and after.

Ignore Mouse’s un photogenic ness, a photographer my father is not .

So now I have to painstakingly fight through two more days of work, before the queen madness ensues! I will try to post stuff to keep y’all up to date, but no promises. 

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