I’m going to try to start doing a series each week, product reviews, barn DYI and other cool stuff that I think y’all should know about. 

As most of you know one of my many hats (jobs if you will) is working at a tack store. 
We get all sorts of fun and awesome stuff on our shop. Lucky me I get to drool over it whenever I work, occasionally I splurge and and actually buy stuff! 
When these socks came in I had to try them… I’m pretty picky on socks so I’m not gonna lie I was skeptical going into it, but they were super colorful and I am in the market for more socks.
So here’s the lowdow: 
JoJo Sox Tuff Cuff retail $14.99
The thing that intrigued me about these socks is their height. They have a 4 inch padded shaft, designed for wear with paddocks. They are made from coolmax fibers woven from old plastic bottles (go enviroment). 
JoJo sox also makes different heights and supposedly other fabrics, so far we only stock coolmax tall and short. 
Biggest pro, the thing that actually attracted me to these socks, their padded cuff.  
I’ve had problems with my boots rubbing me right around my Achilles, two rides no rubbing! 
Another pro, they are sized, meaning my big feet (size 11ish) fit in them comfortably, no stretching, binding or ripped seams. 
The super fun insane patterns! 
The fabric. So far I’ve had no issues with quality of the fabric and my feet seemed to stay comfortable/dry. However the socks aren’t the softest. 
They don’t bother my skin or anything, but they aren’t “corgi ear soft” (yes that is a barometer of luxury, seriously pet a corgi’s ear sometime). I haven’t washed them yet so hopefully they hold up through that/soften. 
All in all I highly reccomend these socks, I plan to try a few different styles/patterns! 

This is their look on, with a corgi photobomb. 
Linking isn’t working today Sooo here’s a paste. 

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