After a wonderful dinner with L at a super cute hole in the wall down the road from my house I am back in front of my computer. If you had told me in college that I would spend 9 hours a day in front of a computer, then go home to another one I’d say hell no! Yet here I am, in from of the old macbook.

As L and I talked it was wonderful, yet super sad. I am living in an area with one of the strongest hunt seat ties in my state, yet I don’t have an english horse. Sure my precious Ray can do anything and is absolutely perfect, yet he is not a hunter. To add insult to injury in the past 2 years I had two horses that could’ve done hunters, jumpers, or possibly 3 day. Yet for a variety of reasons I found them new homes. On top of that I am on a waiting list to have Ray up here at Stanford as our barn is full again, but that’s ok I will wait it out, because I know that being patient ends up paying off, even if it is completely lame.

Don’t get me wrong I love queening and have met some super awesome people. I just am struggling being the odd man out. This also could be the wine talking, if any of y’all are underage just skip this part. For the second night in a row I have poured myself a large glass, last night was caused by a completely tragic/ridiculous/unbelievable date. Tonight however my wonderful red friend has made me more nostalgic than sad.

Sure I don’t have a perfect hunter pony and I am not preparing for the medals anytime soon. But at least I am still surrounded by beautiful horses and amazing riders I can watch, and even join from time to time. As for myself I will keep my nose to the grindstone and continue to prepare for pageants. After all, there was a reason I got involved in this insanity at one point!

Right now I should be working on sponsorship prep for my pageant, instead I am blogging. In my defense I have almost finished my sponsor brochure, because I decided a letter was boring and had been done before! Hopefully in the next year I can make my mark on the queening world, maybe I will win a title, maybe just have fun in sparkly clothes. The good thing is I can always come back to my hunt seat side at a later date. I’m probably overthinking all this, but that seems to be what I do best! Ah well c’est la vie.

Please excuse the lousy quality, these are screen shots. Sponsor brochure!

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