It is almost May… I can’t believe it’s almost May.

So much has happened that I have forgotten half it. But let me tell you it’s been so worth it. We survived millions of ticket turn-ins, realized each and every one of these girls are my new family and traveled to several rodeos.

One of the most interesting was the Oakdale rodeo, usually it is a wonderful shiny spring day. Instead the rodeo arena turned into a lake we walked our grand entry (much to Mouse’s disappointment) and had a pretty empty parade route. But it was completely and totally worth it to see my amazing friend and sash sister Rachelle win the title.

But the biggest and most amazing thing that happened this month wasn’t in the rodeo world. One of my rodeo family, Kim, who I met on my first adventure through Grand National, got married.  Of course Reba overheated on the way the night before the wedding, meaning I didn’t get in until close to midnight.

But that just made a night staying up late cuddled in bed talking to my best friend before the biggest day of her life even more worth it. The wedding itself was completely beautiful and flawless.

A miniature horse cart driven by the ring bearers and flower girls led the procession, followed by a stunning full size carriage, with the beautiful bride. The stage was framed with gorgeous family orchards and cattle pastures, in the middle of none other than an arena, seeded with grass for the occasion.

As the day went on I raced about making sure that everything went off without a hitch, clearing tables when a hand was needed, to helping my girl get changed into her farewell outfit.  The entire whirlwind was just amazing, I met so many people and had such a great time. But as the helicopter (yes you read that right) carried my best friend off I broke into a crying mess.

My rodeo life has given me so many amazing people and I do not know what I would do without them. Now I get to wait around for 2 weeks till she gets back from her honeymoon.


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