So 6 years ago, following very unhappy present less birthday I was presented a shiny new car as a birthday/signing day present. For one of the few times in my life I can say my current situation all stems from that day, and is entirely my fault. 

Back during my senior year I laxidasically decided I should probably get my license; being that I was leaving for college 30 hours away and all. I was a late bloomer, I really didn’t feel the need for it prior, cause I had a personal chauffeur (aka daddy). After finally getting my license, like most teenagers my parents agreed to buy me a car. We searched high and low, but and small, finally setting on an adorable little dodge caliber. We were torn between the pretty and beefy F150 or the sensible and economical caliber, eventually sensibility won out and we purchased Pete (in honor of my college mascot Pistol Pete). 
However today I am at a crossroads, with a horse in the way and a 3 month long pageant season ahead, the beefy truck 6 years ago is looking much more appealing. So I’ve decided to bite the bullet and consider (though I’m not 100% set in stone) selling Pete. 
Of course just like back then Daddy and I are somewhat at odds, I want a pretty Lariat or King Ranch with chrome, he thinks I need the affordable model with a efficient 4.6 engine; luckily this time it’s my call since I’m paying! I found one that someone meets us in the middle, but is a little over my ideal budget. Once again patience is kicking my butt, as Dad thinks I need to wait until April, but I’d rather just get it over with now! I’m calling in it tonight, so we shall see… Until then I am still searching, for all sorts of stuff, speaking of which, has anyone seen my sanity? 

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