“Those who can’t do teach…”

I abhor this quote for a variety of reasons, one of which it hits a little close to home being that I am a coach myself. I may not be the best at it and certainly have quite the learning curve, but I got to thinking, is this quote valid or clique.

Being that I am blogging currently about my adventure towards Miss Grand National, I will put it in context of the pageant. This past weekend I headed up to the city, which was nerve wracking for a variety of reasons, one of which being my past trips included a very close call with a hefty traffic ticket, and a funeral.

But being that the pageant is creeping closer I figured I needed to knuckle down and spend a good portion of time with my queen coach. My coach Ashley has a variety of accomplishments to her name, in 2008 she was Miss California and went on to place at Miss America that year as well. I arrived at her completely fabulous condo overlooking the San Francisco Bay, I marveled at how lucky I was. One to get to spend time with someone with such great talent, and that I live in such a phenomenal place.

It got me thinking, the age old quote doesn’t really make sense. For instance, is Ashley my coach because she was not good enough at queening, certainly her accomplishments reflect otherwise. In addition in rodeo queening there comes a point when all of us can no longer “do” as there is an age limit on who can enter!

Perhaps now days the quote has taken on a different meaning; those of us who are unable to perform in the arena we once shone, are tasked with the responsibility of supporting those whose time it is to shine. My girls teach me a great deal on a daily basis, and though I may be older than them, I think that in any situation, there is not only one teacher. Perhaps the point is that we can all learn a little bit, weather we are teaching or being taught.

Hopefully when I have completed the pageant I will have a new set of skills to pass on to my girls. I certainly know that they still have a lot they can teach me!


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